Benefits of Using RedHat B2B's Pharmaceutical Industry Email List: Pharmaceutical is one of the most important industries considering the growing demand for life-saving drugs and medicines globally.


IDPL is interested to have collabotations with prestigious Institutes / Research / Pharmaceutical Companies / Medical Colleges / Hospitals etc. These companies offer the things valued most by medical sales professionals — competitive compensation, work-life balance, and innovative products that make a difference in the lives of patients. Surprisingly, despite the fact that medical sales is geared toward general public wellness, only 18 percent listed employee wellness initiatives as motivating factors.

Medical sales reps love to work with companies that are dedicated to continually improving their product quality, while researching and implementing new products. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson rounded out the top companies once again. Large and mid-size companies once again top the list of best places to work, but medical sales reps at small companies love their jobs just as much.

Medical sales is an attractive industry — the autonomy, the money, the chance to work alongside medical professionals and make a real difference in the world. For over 75 years, Lannett has been proudly providing high-quality, affordable generic pharmaceutical products to patients who depend on them. Today, Vaishali Pharma is a known Healthcare Organisation, having three more segments, flourishing in India & International.

If drug companies win the right to market drugs for unapproved uses, it might have massive implications for public safety "These cases are very concerning," said Kesselheim. "Even that kind of disease awareness has been taken to the extreme," said Kesselheim, "where some companies have been accused of disease-mongering — creating a disease by their advertising." He continued: "Direct-to-consumer ads are weighted in favor of brand-name drugs and high-cost drugs, and for some conditions, older and less-expensive and generic drugs are just as good. Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions have a number of digital and print offerings, publishing a variety of healthcare magazines and medical directories, with a readership of top decision-makers in the MENA region's healthcare industry.

The Ramanbhai Foundation International Symposium is a biannual series of symposia devoted to the discussion of new trends in the pharmaceutical industry with a view to promoting scientific excellence in drug discovery and development. Zydus has received Phase I clinical trial approval from the United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA) for ZYDPLA1, and Phase I trials are on-going in USA. Zydus made a foray in the global animal health market by acquiring Bremer Pharma GmbH, Germany in July 2011.

Zydus Animal Health is a reputed name in the Indian Animal Health Industry. The group's Zydus Discovery is dedicated to marketing the innovative NCE therapy Lipaglyn, the world's first drug to be approved for the treatment of diabetic dyslipidemia. The group is today a global, integrated healthcare provider with strengths all along the pharmaceutical value chain.

Ranked the 4th largest pharmaceutical company in India as compared to the 16th rank in 1995. The group's origin can be traced to 1952 when it was founded by Late Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel, a first-generation entrepreneur and one of the stalwarts of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.